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Steven Mitchell's classes: 
Authentic jazz 
We will learn and dance many of the dance steps from the 20's up to the 40's like the: Charleston and many of the variations, Suzy Q, Boogie's, Truckin, Camel walks, Apple Jacks, just to name a few. And also if time permits we will learn the Big apple, the dance that was made popular by Whites Lindy Hoppers in the 30's. 
Solo blues
We will learn how to apply jazz steps to slow blues music. Also on the menu there will be: Body contraction, Blues arms, Boogie blues , Hip variations, Body manipulation and Blues body Isolations and much more.
Movement, body awareness 
Have you said to yourself: MY BODY DOES NOT MOVE LIKE THAT or IN FRUSTRATION IT'S JUST TOO DIFFICULT FOR ME. WELL STOP! Because in the movement class we will explore the foundation and the mechanics of movement, so that you can come closer to having complete control over your body movement. We will dig deep to find our inner self and heart beat and to ignite our souls that sometimes lay dormant in our bodies.
Ksenia Parkhatskaya's class: 
Solo Charleston
Essential topics that Ksenia will cover in her one master solo workshop are:
Timing. Timing is an ocean to swing and improvise. Timing lets us exist in music. It lets us sing with our feet, scat, vocalise or even be silent with our body but still be.
Isolations. One of the fundamentals for a Dancer! If you know how to perfectly control and use every part of your body - you are the King of the Hill! That’s exactly when we can say about a person - he/she is a Dancer. 
The periphery of the body. Arms, head, feet, - this is exactly what makes the whole visuality of every move. In swing dances we tend to focus on the body center movements, forgetting how arms and feet are important! Let’s see how creatively we can improve that!
Creativity. It's only 7 notes in music and how many phenomenal masterpieces were created! Amount of steps is nothing. Your creativity and bravery to play with each of them endlessly is everything. That's the real jazz. Your dance voice is where your creativity is.  
Janos Lakatos's class (Lakijani): 
After a short warm up session we learn some combinations challenging our coordination skills. Isolation, dynamics and musicality are the main elements of this style.
Jazz dance has developed a lot since Bob Fosse, and today is already combined with the most effective modern dance techniques, and street dance vocabulary. That's why Lakijani calls it: JazzToday. :) Have fun wih us!

Eva Molnar's (Vica) class: 
Traditional West African dances, energetic, improve your body coordination, give social experience and spirits.
We will learn dances from different regions of Africa, especially dance styles from Ghana and Senegal. We will strengthen all muscles of the body.
Steps and movements are based on traditional African dance elements, mixed with African ballet, modern dance and jazz dance elements. 
This dance will help you to get in harmony with yourself, your environment and nature, while your whole body will be moved, strengthens and relaxes.
But most of all we will have a lot of fun trying. If we open ourselves up to SONG & DANCE or DANCE & MUSIC, it can give you more JOY and HAPPINESS in your life that you never could have imagined!




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