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Night traveling


Maybe it would be useful for you to have some information about the night travelling from the downtown or from Europa Boat to the place of JDC (Hotel Bara). Especially if you booked the accommodation in the hotel. :)
JDC night events will be in the downtown (except the concert on Tuesday, which is organized in the Hotel), so you have to take the night bus #908 from the downtown if you would like to go back to Hotel Bara. 
This bus stops at Blaha Lujza ter (square), at Astoria and Ferenciek tere (square) as well. So if you have the accommodation in the downtown, it is perfect for you.
The stop for the Hotel Bara is at Meszaros utca (street). You have to get off from bus #908 here. 
Blaha Lujza ter - Meszaros utca (street; the stop for the Hotel): 11 minutes
Astoria - Meszaros utca: 6 minutes
Ferenciek tere - Meszaros utca 5 minutes
But: unfortunately this bus is going every 1 hour....
If you go to the Hotel from the Europa Boat (Lindy Shock place), you should take night bus #960
This stops at Margit hid (bridge) which is about 7 minutes walk from the boat. 
Margit Hid Budai hidfo (the name of the stop) - BAH csomopont: 16 minutes + 5 minutes walk to Hotel Bara. 
This bus is going every 30 minutes. 
If you take taxi from the downtown or from the boat it should be also for reasonable price, because both camps will have a discount by a taxi company.


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