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Steven's One-Nighters 2012

To celebrate the event, he will give us a fantastic concert with the One Nighters Band. 
They received this name because Hungary's best jazz musicians will join only for this night to play for us. 

Date: 30th October, Tuesday 9 p.m.

Location: Hotel Bara

Concert: Steven's One-Nighters Band
Singing: Steven Mitchell

Together with Lindy Shock pre party.


The band: 
Steven Mitchell - singing 

Béla Szalóky - trumpet
Excellent and famous jazz musician, a member of the Benkó Dixieland Band, and the maestro of Police Big Band. With more than 20 years carrier in jazz music, he was a member of Cotton Club Singers' backing band, the Hot Jazz Band and the Budapest Ragtime Band and more famous Hungarian formations. He was a guest musician in 31 countries already, his music is available on 70 CD's.

Árpád Dennert - clarinet, saxophone
He is a member of the Police Big Band and Budapest Jazz Orchestra, a popular professional musician, he is a frequent guest on swing and dixieland concerts, but he is playing modern jazz, too.

Attila Korb- trombone, singing
He is one of the most popular jazz artist, a member of the Bohém Ragtime Band, the Modern Art Orchestra and the Little Jazz Band, a young master of the classic jazz, who is often playing abroad as well.

Iván Nagy - piano
A famous Hungarian represent of the stride piano, he is a popular pianist in classic jazz formations, he is playing a core role for a long time in making the swing music well known and popular. He has a brilliant technique and an excellent taste for the music. 

Sándor Sárkány - double bass
The first name between the bass players, who is mentioned if we are talking about swing or other classic jazz music styles. His tempo is reliable, he is excellent in knowing this style of music and he is imaginative in solo playing.

Gábor Kovacsevics - drums
A member of the Benkó Dixieland and Halmos Trió, a motor of the bands. Stylish and exciting solos. What else do you need from a drumer?


Ticket prices: 
At place: € 16
In advance: € 12

The concert on Joy Dance Camp 2011. 





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