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Videos about Ksenia Parkhatskaya


Videos from Ksenia's site:

"Revival" - modern swing dance
Frankie 100, Berlin, Germany, 2014

Music changes. Dance changes with it. 
Modern, nowadays jazz music is considered to be "non-danceable" among swing dancers.
 I truly love and appreciate nowadays jazz. With my new dance act I wanted to show that its not only possible to dance to this music, it's interesting, challenging, beautiful and creative!
For this mission I chose Christian McBride Big Band recording  "In a Hurry"
Christian McBride - one of the most in demand, virtuoso bass player. Winner of 3 Grammy Awards.
This tune is a fierce foray: powerful creative instrumental solos and astounding bass leading line. Feeling of a classic 30's big band in the "head" and modern jazz in the solos. This is a nowadays big band music!
My dance as music itself portrays a mixture of old tradition (authentic jazz, charleston, blues) and new influences (modern, house, hip hop). 


"Dramophone" by Masi & Ksenia
The Snowball 2014, Stockholm, Sweden

Neo swing dance act, fusion of charleston and hip hop, popping moves. Partnering with  Masi Sauren, boogie woogie champion of Finland, hip hop teacher.

"Honeysuckle Rose" and BodyArt
The Snowball 2014, Stockholm, Sweden

What is the best costume for a dancer!? - His own body!
Solo Charleston dance fusion with an amazing BodyArt. The real Cabaret Style of the crazy and creative Roaring 20's!
Body art/make up/video - Evgenia Parhatskaja
Choreography - Ksenia Parkhatskaya

"4 women"
European Swing Dance Championshp, London, UK
2d place in Jazz Showcase devision.

A tribute to power, strenght and beauty of  african - american women to an everlasting masterpiece, deep soulful song of The Great Nina Simone "Four Women". The story about lives, sorrows, strugles and way. The dance - sculpture in its visuality. The dance-picture of the lyrics. The dance - ritual of the music.

"Oscar's Jazz"
Plenty Hot, Dresden
2-5, May, 2013

"Honeysuckle Rose"
Cirque du solo, Berlin, Germany
17-19, November, 2013

A playful theatrical charleston that pictures the birth and awakening of the flower of Honeysuckle rose. First performed in 2012 France, Chatel Gyuon. 

Cabaret "Chicken act"
Moscow Swing show Tournament 2012


"Stockholm Stomp"
Stockholm Tap Festival, Gala Concert 2012

"Exactly like you"
Gala Concert at Stockholm Tap Festival 2013
28, March - 1, April

Crossover Invitational JnJ
Moscow Xmas Dance Camp 2013
Pontus Persson and Ksenia Parkhatskaya

The Snowball 2013, Solo Charleston Contest Winner
Stockholm, Sweden




So You Think You can Dance (Ukranian)
Kiev, 2012


Max Pitruzella and Ksenia Parkhatskaya. Improvisation. 
Nancy -Laxou swing dance festival, France 2012
"Don't slip on dough"
Moscow Swing show Tournament 2012
1st place in Cabaret division 
Igor Ben and Ksenia Parkhatskaya. Idea and choreo - Ksenia Parkhatskaya

Swing'in Paris Festival 2012
June 28- July 3, Paris

Max Pitruzella and Ksenia Parkhatskaya, teachers demonstration

European Swing Dance Championship
June 15-17th, Barcelona, 2012

1st place in Cabaret division 
September, 24, 2011

"Pafos Band" 
Swing Fest 2012

Funky charleston dance act. Idea, choreo - Ksenia Parkhatskaya. Funky dancers - Ivan Ahtyrskii, Natalia Nechaeva, Dmitrii Leshoyv, Ksenia Parkhatskaya


Street Perfomance "ChazzMim"
September, 1, 2011
      1st of September the city center of St.-Petersburg was seized with a Striped  Happiness! Three chazzmim girls - Ksenia Parkhatskaya, Alexandra Morozova and Anna Pryzhkina created a hilarious non stop charleston - pantomime street show! Idea and choreography Ksenia Parkhatskaya, Video and editing - Nikolay Lubushko.
Solo Jazz Dance
Jazz battle in Vilnius, Harlem 2011
May, 12 - 15, 2011
Jazz battle is a super challenging competition and a hilarious show! Acting, joking, dancing, doing tricks and aerials! You have your time to grab the audience, no delays, step up! It's a total improvisation what dancers do. My first time and my 2d place :)
 "Do It this way"
November,  2010 
Hot  Solo Charleston  by the swing dance group "Squirrels on The South".
 "Lindy - Shop"
Moscow Swing Dance Tournament
September, 24-25 2010 
 Lindy hop team  showcase by "Squirrels on The South". That was our 1st competition and we took the 3d place among 20 perfoming dance groups! Choreography - Maria Pashinskaya.
"Tips For Life"
(Choreographer, Dancer, Actress) 
One of my first solo perfomances. A theatrical piece for a Cabaret Night in Herrang Dance Camp 2010. Costume made byEvgenia ParkhatskayaA story about fragile soul made to be vulgarized and public....Once life have put mask on you only true Love can reveal genuine. 






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