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We know how important it is to have some active leisure and entertainment besides the professionally set up dance courses. So integrated some light-hearted programs to make the camp days fun:
Wellness, wander around in Budapest, shopping, have some insigth into the night life of Budapest, social progams, games etc.
Besides a lot of dancing, we have planned some programs for you to get to know each other. In addition, you may learn more about our teachers who are our role models.
Apart from the traditional dance teaching we prefer such practical training, where people meet other styles as well and build up and improve their own style of moving the body.
With the help of the different approach of the practical training we would like that the people find that thing, they are good in, and improve it.
We encourage people on self-expression and self-confidence through teaching them different styles of movements. 
Above the dance classes, body movement and posture classes the participants will have opportunities to get to know the Hungarian culture, customs, folk art, the famous Hungarian wines and the spectacles of Budapest.
Our aim is to endear the art of dance and music and moving of the body for the people and to make them important building up human relations and teach them.

We would like to increase the self-confidence of the students, to increase open-mindedness and tolerance against other nations, which would appear in the normal daily life and other areas of life as well.

We hope that our new concept, that a dance camp should not be only about the dance, but about the human relations, culture, building bridges between the nations and overcoming barriers of different languages and cultures, will be sympathetic in the eyes of other camp organizers as well.




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