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Steven Mitchell

Steven Mitchell started his dance career by studying Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Ballroom and Hip Hop dance in both Los Angeles and New York. He started Lindy Hoppin/Swing Dancing in 1978-1979, with his partner Erin Stevens. In 1982, Al Minns was convinced to start teaching Lindy Hop at the Sandra Cameron Dance Center in New York City. Californian dancers Erin Stevens and Steven Mitchell flew to New York City to take classes with him in 1983 and 1984. When Al Minns died in 1985, they learned about Frankie Manning through Bob Crease, a board member of the New York Swing Dance Society. They visited Frankie Manning in 1986 and are credited with convincing him to begin instructing Lindy Hop. Erin Stevens and Steven Mitchell helped spread Lindy Hop to California and other locations within the US. With Frankie Manning out of retirement, he continued where Al Minns left off at the Sandra Cameron Dance Center. Eventually the demand for his dance instruction increased and Frankie Manning started to travel and teach worldwide spreading his joy of Lindy Hop.

Steven Mitchell performed with the most famous big bands, like Count Basie, Harry James or Cab Calloway. He was a star guest in American talk shows and danced for President Clinton in the White House. From the 1980's, he performed with the leading Swing (Lindy Hop) dancer Frankie Manning on a regular basis (until Frankie's death one before a last year). He has workshops worldwide, and frequently performs as a singer too. His strong presence on stage enchants his audience all around the world.

Videos about Steven Mitchell

Steven Mitchell is not only a great dancer, but an amazing singer and choreographer as well. His famous song and choreography is “The Jitterbug Stroll”


Disneyland with the Count Basie Orchestra - 1984
Disneyland with Cab Calloway - 1984
US Open Swing Dance Championships Los Angeles - 1983/1984
Star Dust Ballroon in Hollywood with the Bob Kean Orchestra 1985
Stardust Ballroom with the Tex Beneke Orchestra 1985
Hollywood Paladium with the Les Brown Big Band 1986
Myrons Ballroom LA with the Harry James Orchestra 1986 Steven & Erin
The Cat Club New York with the Harlem Blues Band 1986
The Soho Jazz Festival London England - Tour with the Jiving Lindy Hoppers 1987
US Latin Formation Dance Team Competition - Bremen, Germany
Jiving Lindy Hoppers - London, England
Stuttgart Ballet Company - Stuttgart, Germany
Modern Jazz Ballet Company - Geneve, Switzerland
The Jazzets - Freiberg, Germany
Modern Company - Paris, France
Jiving Lindy Hoppers - London, England
Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association - Pasadena, California
Jonathan & Sylvia - Santa Barbara, California
New York Swing Society - New York
New York City Dance School - Stuttgart, Germany
Paris Center - Paris, France
Dance Center - MonteCarlo, France
Vienna Dance School - Austria
Columbo Dance Center - Zurich, Switzerland
President Clinton PBS Special - In Performance At The White House
Gotta Dance Special - AMC
American Movie Classics
Roseanne Show - ABC
Roseanne Show Featured with Doctor Ruth & Roseanne - ABC
Morning Show Minneapolis - NBC
Radio Show All Things Considered Guest of Dale Connelly & Jim Edd Cool
TV Show - Oslo, Norway
The Force Jazz Company - Noiremontie, France
Big Apple Lindy Hoppers - New York
Savoy Swing Club - Seattle, Washington
Basies Bunch - Sweden
San Francisco Swing Group - San Francisco
Shout'n Feel It - Sweden
Baltimore Swing Group - Baltimore
Landaloons Lindy Hoppers - Minnesota
Boston Swing Group - Boston Massachusets
Modern Jazz Ballet Company - Geneve, Switzerland
PBDA Swing Camp Catalina - Catalina Island, Los Angeles
Berkley - California
Herrang Dance Camp - Sweden
Swedish Swing Society, AutumnCamp - Sweden Steven & Anna
Oslo Swing Camp - Norway
Norwegian Ballet Academy - Norway
Duke Ellington School Of Performing Arts - Washington DC
Australian Tour - Sydney
Swing Tuit - Brisbane
Swing Tuit - Melbourne
Singapore - Singapore
Beantown Swing Camp - Boston
Swing Out Northwest - Seattle
Columbo Dance Factory - Zurich, Switzerland
Brigitte Mattuzzi Dance School - Geneva, Switzerland
Tanz Etage - Frankfurt, Germany
Detroit - Michigan
Swing Out Chicago - Chicago 
Arizona Swing Society - Pheonix
Toulouse - France
Ithaca - New York
San Francisco Swing Camp - California
Toronto - Canada
Dallas - Texas
UH Dance Club - Hawaii
UH Dance Club - Maui
UH Dance Club - Hawaii
Sandra Cameron - New York
San Diego - California
Rochester - New York
Boogie Baren - Munich, Germany
Argentina - Buenos Aires
American Swing Dance Championships - New Jersey
Bardar Dance Camp - Oslo, Norway
Beantown - Boston
Caryn Carbonaro - Denver, Colorado
Chris - Sacramento, California
Dance Manhattan - NewYork
Eastern Canadian Swing Championships
Fred Inago - Montreal, Canada
Greg Kavorkian - Philladelphia
Herräng Dance Camp
Hop to The Beat - Boston
Howard Bergman - Chicago
Ithaca Swing SS - Itaca, NewYork
Jane Ford - Baltimore
Jeff & Elaine - Dallas, Texas
Joel & Valerie - Cleveland, Ohio
Land a Loons - Minneapolis


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